About Us

indo-american-dental-hospital-buldingWelcome to Indo American Dental Hospital, Vijayawada, India! In recent years Indo American Dental Hospital has established an excellent reputation as THE BEST dental hospital. With a treatment philosophy that closely shadows those found at many of the world’s top dental clincs, the Indo American Dental Hospital is dedicated to provide the best dental treatments available.Indo American Dental Hospital is a versatile private DENTAL HOSPITAL known for its varied range of dental treatments. Indo American Dental Hospital provides every treatment under dentistry, right from dental emergency to beautification of your smile. Indo American Dental Hospital has the most advanced and latest technology dental equipments and a competent team of dedicated dentists making Indo American Dental Hospital ‘a one stop smile maker’.

Indo American Dental Hospital not only differentiates itself by providing world class treatments, but also with its niche ambience, patient friendly environment and consistency in treatment quality. All only makes Indo American Dental Hospital unique. Indo American Dental Hospital’s referral base is certainly international.

Indo American Dental Hospital Pvt ltd, is dedicated for providing the best dental care ,education and advanced treatment. We bring together a dedicated team of expert Doctors to provide the highest standards of Dental treatment.

Indo American dental hospital launched on 23.6.2012 with the blessings of great personalities .This hospital is located at seetharamapuram signals, pushpa hotel road ,Vijayawada-2 A.P. The infrastructure of the hospital is with 14000 sq.ft with 4 floors exclusively for dental which is biggest in coastal area A.P.